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    Manage internal game/event ticketing and concierge item requests for your players, coaches, and staff with the revolutionary DPMSTix™ internal ticket/concierge app. Using our integrated Archtics ticketing system, internal users can now control their own game/event ticketing operations LIVE—from any smart device. Enjoy the ease and convenience of managing all aspects of internal game/event ticket requests from players, coaches, staff, employees/personnel in one single, automated fashion.

  • How It Works

    Advanced User Experience

    Just open the app and find your event to select seat choices, book hotels, access VIP passes, etc. Easily add or manage WILL CALL names and other special info and instructions for each order. Once users submit their order through the ticketing app, they receive a text/email notification, outlining the event and order’s details. All orders can be changed, modified, or cancelled at any time, up to the closing date/time chosen by the internal Ticket Operations Group.

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  • How It Works

    Ticket Ops Workflow Solution

    Ticket Ops reclasses internal tickets in your Ticketmaster® system and builds out event order forms for the event and concierge app. All requested orders are reserved on TM/Archtics accounts. Ticket Ops releases/sells reserved tickets onto each user’s Archtics account. Order database captures all details by event and by user for each original order and updated order request. This database is updated immediately and contains a digital paper trail for each user’s order history by event.

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  • Benefit Features

    Best Ticket App for Your Team

    DPMSTix™ is an all-in-one team ticketing system—from back-end administrator access and control to completely managing all aspects for user groups, admin rights, event details, ticket inventory availability, order confirmation/fulfillment notifications, and backend order details.

    • DPMSTix™ mobile ticketing app can be fully integrated within your Ticketmaster® Archtics databases.
    • Players, coaches, and staff now have complete control over their own ticket selection right from their team's customized app.
    • Every order is fully automated, tracked, and digitally captured on the LIVE Orders section of the administration dashboard from your team’s DPMSTix™ ticketing website—from viewing available inventory, to reservations, and the release of designated reclassed tickets you assigned by user group in your team Ticketmaster® system.

    In addition to ticket selections for specific game/event internally classed tickets, your players can request/order parking passes, hotels, VIP passes, suites, and more! All ticketing requests and other concierge services are selected and reserved directly from the ticketing app. And all game/event orders/requests/event item are captured along with ticket orders and securely stored in your online admin portal under the orders section.

  • Benefit Features | Best Ticket App for Your Team

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