• Your users have full control of

    Selecting and reserving any reclassed tickets available in their user group, located in their Ticketmaster® Team Ticketing System. This includes:

    • Section, row, seat, and live inventory, all viewable and selectable with just a click!
    • Hold time for tickets are managed by specific guidelines outlined in your team’s Ticketmaster® system.

    Once your user clicks “reserve”, the ticket is moved to the user’s Archtics account:

    • Users can make changes to their reservations at any time, up to lock out time/date determined by Ticketing Operations.
    • Users can tag a ticket with a Will Call name and any other special instructions they want available to Ticketing Operations.

  • Concierge app options can be selected and ordered by user, based on Ticketing Operations event order form.

    Once users place an order, both they and the admin receive confirmation via email/text message, which outlines all requested tickets/items.

    Users can view event orders simply by opening their ticket app and clicking that specific event.

    • Any event order may be modified or cancelled at any time, up to event close time determined by Ticketing Operations.
    • Updated order confirmation will be immediately sent to user and admin via email/text message.

    User will receive email/text message Confirmation once the User placed order is fulfilled.

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